Mina barn!

I am that mom
The one with that child
And when you look up
I see a fake smile
You don’t say a word
Your eyes give you away
I’ve seen it before
“I’m sorry…” they say
For you see a burden
An unfortunate fate
Where I see a gift
And the hearts that have changed
You’ve not been a witness
When I’ve shed happy tears
Over every small milestone
And each conquered fear
You’ve not seen the beauty
Of the journey, fought hard
We began with so little
But we’ve travelled so far
It’s an uphill battle
But it’s worth every step
Would I do it again?
My answer is YES
I am that mum
And this is my child
And she’s so much more
Than the label some filed
Please give her a chance
It’s the least you can do
And I won’t be surprised
When she wins your heart too.